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Landscape Lighting is such a wonderful option for your landscape, patio, house, or walkway. Imagine you are sitting on your patio enjoying your company and before you know it the evening is upon you. No worries, your landscape lighting system has kicked on and you are able to see where to walk and enjoy the warm glow of the lights that are strategically placed all around your patio and landscape bringing the whole place to life! 

Ways to Use LED Lighting

1. Landscape: this could be lights that are stregicially placed to illuminate the trunk of a large tree, or pointing 1-3 lights at the canopy of a special tree or highlighting a shrub, possibly even siloetting shrubs along the front of your house, just to name a few.


2. Hardscape: consider a post light on top of a block pillar, or lights placed under the cap of a wall or pillar to light up the wall/pillar, and lights placed along steps.


3. Walkways & Paths: path lights placed along a path to illuminate the walkway and avoid tripping in the dark, or you could even place lights along the edge of your driveway.


4. Illuminate Structures: consider having lights placed to highlight special features of your home or outdoor shed.

   We partner with Kings Materials, Kichler, and Other Companies to bring you the best products and ideas we can! Take a look at Kichler's website to get ideas and get inspired!

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